“Every single piece that you see of mine was created from a place of happiness, sadness, love, and humour; and affirms my deepest feelings. I hope when people view my work, that they can can feel all that I cannot convey with words.
Thank you for purchasing my art and supporting my small business. Your support means I can continue doing what I love the most.“


Custom Portraits

Tanya creates beautiful one-of-a-kind paintings of your loved ones.


Paint Night

Experience the joy of Paint Night! Transform blank canvases into beautiful masterpieces with your family and friends.


Live Painting

Create a live masterpiece at your party in 1-2 hours. Contact for more info.


Meet Tanya

Tanya is a self-taught painter based in Toronto. Although she only uses acrylic paint, her use of different mediums give her work a fluid like appearance, and uses a wide variety of bold colors to set a mood for each piece. She draws inspiration from the Torah, as well as people - their stories, expressions, and emotions. Aside from her work as an artist, Tanya is a passionate paint night instructor who has been leading events for 10+ years. She has taught worldwide over zoom, across Canada on university campuses, and all over Toronto making art fun and accessible to everyone.