Life After October 7

Just like my life as I (we) knew it, my art will also never be the same.
Although I was mostly frozen in the weeks following October 7, my urge to express myself like so many fellow creatives, was burning. I was fortunate enough to be on my last couple of commissions before my very needed pause which I always try to take (but usually don’t) and soon had the time to just paint from my heart. There are so many reasons why full time Artists almost never find the time to just paint for the sake of painting but I needed to carve this time out for myself no matter what it took. Although I’ve started to take on some small projects I am no where near done getting it all out, and the feedback I have received means the world to me. We are all hurting and we need to keep sharing in whatever way feels the most authentic to us.

- Tanya


 Life After October 7th