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Tanya Zbili Art



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Purim has always been my favourite day of the year - maybe because it’s a chance to step into someone else’s shoes, put on a costume and play a different role just for one day. Or maybe it’s because no matter what situation one is in, it can always be turned around. Just as we can’t take things for granted in good times, we also can’t despair or lose hope in bad times. Esther embodies these ideas - she is the hero of the Purim story, the one who valiantly saved the Jewish people from destruction.
Esther is reminded in her most fearful moment that perhaps, this task is what she was created for. May we find our inner Esther in every situation we find ourselves in.

I am only producing 199 Paper Giclee 11'' x 11'' pieces of this edition and only 75 canvas pieces whether purchased stretched or rolled.

Crafted with precision and care, each piece is available in multiple formats: rolled canvas, stretched canvas with wire so its ready to hang, or on fine art paper.


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